Why Creating a Wedding Design Board Happens BEFORE Renting Any Wedding Decor

After learning more about my client’s event design vision, my next step is always creating a design board. It’s easy to get excited and start swiping your credit card for all the wedding decor you love, only to find out the pieces you chose just don’t look right together. You’ll waste a lot of time and money doing it that way. This is one of the reasons why my clients choose to hire me as their event designer. You can read more about my services here, or inquire for more details here. The short version is, I obsess over the details so you don’t have to. I take your vision and your ideas and execute them flawlessly so your wedding day or event looks exactly as you envision.

Click the image to view a real design board, created from fun tropical inspiration and bold colors! 

Creating Your Design Board

As a designer, I like to lay things out on paper or digitally in a design board. A design or mood board is a visual representation or digital layout of all the carefully selected elements for your wedding or event and or tablescape. It helps me to see all of the elements that I selected and if and how they work together so I can make changes before anything is paid for. I usually like to add in all of the elements on my clients wish list, and a few ideas of my own. From there, I can either add or remove elements until the design board is a true reflection of what the client’s wedding day vision is (or if they don’t have a clear vision, I create something I know they will be inspired and excited by).

Planning Your Event Decor

Mastering the art of storytelling through a well laid out design board is something I pride myself in as an event designer. Here are a few snippets of the same design board I recently put together. As you can tell, having images that represent your vision helps you truly see what you are putting together and then deciding, is this the right atmosphere/feeling I want to create? How can I allocate my wedding rentals and decor budget for maximum impact? Will everything feel cohesive from the ceremony to reception? Or do I want them to feel like two separate events?

In some cases, it helps to have multiple options. For example, if you know you want candles, you might include a few different styles on your mood board. Then once your mood board is complete, you can decide which candles work best with the rest of the decor. OR, decide to intentionally include a few different styles. Don’t be afraid to mix and match! A design board is designed to inspire you, not limit you. At Imagine It Events and Design, we love to help our clients see that the sky is the limit.

Types of Candles for Your Event

Maryland Wedding and Event Design

Are you currently planning a wedding or event? If you are, I would love to connect. Depending on the amount of support you are looking for, I offer complete event decor & design services (where I take care of everything for you) or consulting services if you need just a little support. You can read all about my services and process here. To see more real Maryland wedding inspiration, you can also follow me (and say hi!) over on Instagram.

The last thing I will say is, I believe that every event – no matter how small – deserves to be a reflection of your vision. If you add me to your vendor team, I will make sure none of your details are overlooked. Thank you in advance for considering Imagine It Events D├ęcor and Design to be a part of your wedding or event. To reach out and check availability (or ask any questions), contact us here.

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