Creating your wedding design budget: florals, rentals, lighting, and more.

If you are here, that means you understand that those online budget calculators aren’t the best way to set your wedding design budget. I am so relieved because I would hate to be the one to tell you. As a Maryland wedding designer, I am going to share everything I encourage you to consider when creating your wedding design budget. Whether you have a spending plan in mind and need help using it, or you have no idea what your dream wedding costs, I am here to help. If you are looking for a wedding designer who is obsessed with the details, you can contact me here to get in touch and save your date.

Setting your wedding design budget

First, take a look at your top priorities. An online wedding budget calculator might tell you that 15-20% of your wedding budget should go toward design, including florals. What you should do instead, is decide what are your priorities and set your budget from there. Often times, when couples tell me they value the overall look and feel of their day (and want to create a WOW experience for their guests), they might put a little more of their budget toward design and make cuts in areas that matter less to them.

Beautiful rustic wood table with blue table runner and blush flowers

Save money by cutting your guest list

Like most elements on your wedding day, the easiest way to save money will be to cut your guest list. Of course, if we have to find a silver lining in 2020, it’s the fact that micro weddings (weddings with small guest counts), reminded us all how truly incredible an intimate wedding can be. Some parts of your wedding budget won’t be affected by your guest list (like your venue or wedding dress). But for design, I would encourage you to consider a per person budget as a way of deciding how much you want to spend. For example, each person needs a seat at a beautifully decorated table, extra rentals, aisle markers, etc. The list goes on! Although so much of your budget will depend on what you want, the couples I work with usually end up spending approximately $200/person.

Creating your wedding design budget: florals, rentals, lighting, and more.

Before assigning an arbitrary number on your budget line, it’s worth getting a sense of your vision of your wedding day. Are you dreaming of floral chandeliers? Gorgeous centerpieces with cascading florals? This also might be the time you consider if you want to hire a wedding planner, a wedding designer, or both! I talk more about who you need to hire here. Instead of trying to piece together each individual item you might want, I suggest putting together a few key photos and booking a consultation with a wedding designer. You don’t need to put a number on each element, a designer can give you a good idea of what you are looking for will cost.

From there, you can start to get a better idea of what things cost and then decide if any cuts (or additions can be made!). The typical “Pinterest wedding” to give you an idea, ranges from $500-$2000/person.

white flowers with white linens on wedding designer in Maryland setup

What is included in wedding design

Here are some items to consider when creating your wedding design budget:

Your wedding florals: your bouquet, wedding party flowers, ceremony alter, flower petals, wedding cake flowers, floral installations (chandeliers, archways, etc), centerpieces, and more!

Furniture rentals: chairs, tables, lounge furniture for cocktail hour.

Linens: Tablecloths, napkins, table runners. Although most venues may include “classic white”, tablecloths take up a large square footage of your view. Changing them can have a dramatic effect on your event.

Lighting! Don’t forget to budget for this because it is so important when setting the feeling of the event. Not every venue will allow for candles although the lighting can be beautiful.

Signage: Welcome Sign, Seating Charts, Menu Cards, or Unplugged Ceremony Signs.

And so much more! Don’t forget to budget the cost of your wedding designer! Some will take a percentage of your overall budget, and some will charge a flat rate. I personally charge a flat rate (determined by the scope of your event after our original consultation). This way, you know exactly how much the final cost will be.

whit linens and white flowers with silver metallic accents at Maryland wedding

Hiring a Maryland Wedding Designer

I hope you found the above tips helpful. Whether you are feeling excited or overwhelmed, the next step is contacting me here to set up your complimentary consultation. This way, we can talk all about the vision you have for your wedding day. Remember, here we obsess over decor so you don’t have to! You can trust that every detail will be perfectly executed if you choose our event decor and design package. If committing to hiring an event designer is too much, I also offer consultation services at an hourly rate. This way, you can receive expert guidance without hiring me for the full design experience. Ready to get designing? Contact me here.

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